Honey of Teucrium Marum from Sardinia


The camedrio maro, or catnip, is a subendemic species found in Sardinia, Corsica, in some islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, the Hyères islands in Provence and in a few separate locations along the Dalmatian coasts.

It grows under the Sun in open and rocky environments, with primitive soils rich in skeleton, dry in summer on both calcareous and siliceous substrates, from sea level to about 1200 meters (rarely higher), but con optimum in the Mediterranean belt.

The plant contains several essential oils that give it an intense and pungent smell; the flowered tops are used for its cholagogue properties while the powder has a sneezing action; the plant has an exciting action on cats, hence one of the Italian names

  • 250 gr
  • 500 gr


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