Caciorone table cheese


CACIORONE delicate table cheese with a soft texture,

raw, produced with whole sheep's milk, coagulated with calf rennet.

Choose the Weight:
  • About 950 gr
  • About 1850 gr
  • About 3600 gr

SHAPE: cylindrical with smooth rind; plate with a diameter of 19-21 cm, heel with a height of 11-13 cm. The weight of the cheese varies between 3,8 and 4,5 kg..

Rind: not very consistent, straw-colored in the young forms and brown in the more mature ones.

PASTE: white, tending to a slightly straw-yellow color as it matures, soft, compact and with sparse, tiny eyes, elastic and tender in the young forms (30 days), harder at the table with some graininess in the more mature forms (4/6 months).

TASTE: sweet and delicate with pleasant aroma.


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