Granglona table cheese


GRANGLONA is a table cheese produced with sheep milk, coagulated with calf rennet

g 500


SHAPE: cylindrical with smooth faces and a plate with a diameter of 33-36 cm and a height of 16-20 cm. The weight varies between 16 and 20 kg.

Rind: consistent, straw-yellow in the young type (at least eighteen months of aging), brown in the mature type (over thirty months of aging).

PASTE: straw-white in color with sparse, tiny eyes. Elastic in the young type, harder and with some graininess in the mature type.

TASTE: sweet, aromatic and harmonious in the young variety, more intense and pleasantly spicy in the mature varieties.

AROMA: typical, pleasant, persistent.

FAT: not less than 42% of dry matter.


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