Aged sheep and goat juncu


Semi-cooked cheese whose characteristic shape is due to the use of hand-made rush molds according to ancient Sardinian traditions. The balanced ratio of components useful for human nutrition make this cheese a product indicated under the dietary-therapeutic aspect.

Production area: Sardinia.

Choose the Weight:
  • About 950 gr
  • About 1400 gr
  • About 2800 gr
  • About 5700 gr

With a maturation of over 60 days, Juncu Piccolo is produced with dimensions of approximately 18 × 12 cm, with natural ingredients such as

Sheep's milk, goat's milk, rennet, salt, natural lactic ferments.

The weight of the cheese is about 5.6 kg with a color of the rind between pale yellow and dark brown with lines produced by the basket of the junco.

It has a compact paste with holes of a white color tending to pale yellow, an excellent slightly spicy flavor.

It can be stored at a temperature between 4 and 5 degrees for 2 years while retaining all its typical characteristics.


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