Mount Alma


MONTE ALMA is a semi-cooked cheese, produced with whole ewe's milk coagulated with liquid calf rennet.

price kg.1.3 approx.


SHAPE: cylindrical with a smooth rind and a plate with a diameter of 12/14 cm and a heel height of 9/12 cm. The weight varies between 1.3 and 1.7 kg.

Rind: consistent, straw-coloured in the young cheeses and brown in the more mature ones.

PASTE: white, tending to a slightly straw-yellow color as the cheese matures, compact and with sparse, tiny eyes, elastic and tender in the young cheeses (3 months), harder and sometimes with some graininess in the old cheeses (10 months or a year of maturing).

TASTE: sweet and aromatic in young cheeses, it becomes pleasantly piquant as the cheese ages for more than six months.


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